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    We have a bunch of templates and also you may produce your own vanity clothes, even the car mounts so that you can produce your own car designs. Also, we have instrumentsdistinct types of instruments in the game and Buy MapleStory2 Mesos, which you can use to create your personal music. You are able to play as a band. There is a concert hall where you could play with your friends. They do their very own competitions. Thus, those are all types of social plus more modern tendencies like Roblox, all those games, such as Minecraft. These are sort of incorporated at a MapleStory way.

    Can you speak to the philosophy behind the microtransaction model? We do understand that MapleStory 1 includes a sort of infamous reputation of such as pay-to-win. In the time we weren’t concerned about that. Good thing is developers for MapleStory 2 are well aware that it shouldn’t ever end being pay-to-win. Thus, we worked with our development group and the main items available in the sport are similar to our version of MapleStory. I had been a producer working on MapleStory 1 about 2005-06. There was a doctrine we had internally as a team that we weren’t going to sell additional XP coupons, and at the time our very best sellers were critters, hair coupons, so our version is really similar to that.

    A few things that we are currently adding on top of that is because of our designer’s shop. Players may purchase templates for three or like two bucks. They sell it, and actually can design their own stuff. So, one difference is going to be our content creators in the game will have the ability to make our money [Blue Merets] by selling them and creating clothing. And we receive a small cut of the revenue.We’ve actually taken feedback from the gamers, like’we are concerned that is pay-to-win’ so we’ve removed pretty much exactly what [pay-to-win]. So, now we’re at a place where we are actually thinking through and making sure we are have a lot of a revenue stream to sustain the service in case, you know, we don’t make enough. But considering the looks of this game, we’re extremely confident. Like, the characters are cute, people are actually into customization right now. So we are confident we sustain the support and can actually keep our current model.

    Games are shifting towards a sort of service version that is live, continuously feeding content to the Official MapleStory 2 Wiki. Will this be the situation for MapleStory 2? We do have pretty much all of our roadmap planned outside to Q1 2019 for today. It is going to definitely be similar to MapleStory 1 if I had been working on the match where we’re planning six, seven weeks ahead. Otherwise, we could not receive any localized stuff or optimizations during our services.



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