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    For businesses, fiber optic technology has become a major player in providing stable connections throughout the office. Traditional Ethernet lines are great for short distances, but in office environments where the workspace can span multiple stories and thousands of square feet, providing a strong, cost-effective data infrastructure can necessitate fiber-optic speed and reliability. Fiber optic cable installation is more important and the optic cable is significantly more durable and can handle the rigors of installation in an office. Cables that run through drywall and ceiling tiles can bend and kink. When placed next to power lines, or other sources of electromagnetic interference, traditional Ethernet lines can take dramatic performance hits.

    If you’re considering a major installation or upgrade of your office’s data infrastructure, take a few moments to consider your cable management. I know, it’s tempting to dive in and connect every device to that amazing fiber optic line running into your building, but cables can quickly turn into a tangled mess if improperly planned. If you’re building out an office space, consider the pathways you’ll want your data lines to travel. Once you put pen to paper, you’ll likely discover redundancies where you can reduce the amount of cable required and decrease the overall cost of supplies.
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